Fr. Peter


The Rev. Peter A. Lane

Last week I spoke of the gift of generosity that St. Alfred’s possesses and the ways it blesses us and so many others. This week I’d like to raise up another gift that is a blessing to this community: our retired clergy – Agostino, Bill, Doris and Dale. 

Between us we have about 200 years of experience as ordained ministers in a variety of settings – in churches large and small, struggling and thriving, and all over this country. All of that experience is now available to this community – what a gift!

Fr. Agostino has been offering his love of teaching and holy scripture for several years now in the two Bible studies he offers every week, as well as preaching and celebrating on occasion. Rev. Doris has brought her unique experience and voice as a woman into our midst through her preaching and celebrating the Holy Eucharist, blessed us with her wisdom during our Lenten Quiet Day in early March, and along with Fr. Bill, ably guided us through our work of discovering God’s vision for St. Alfred’s last year.

In addition to his visioning work with Doris, Fr. Bill has brought his humor and gift for telling stories in his preaching, along with his passion for mission and outreach, now being manifested in the wonderful work we’re doing with the Albion Mountain Primary School near Port Maria, Jamaica.

Fr. Dale has been with us for the briefest time but even in that short time we’ve been blessed by his gentle wisdom and curiosity during our adult formation programs. I’m sure you join me in looking forward to discovering the other gifts Dale brings to our parish through his preaching, teaching, and leadership in worship.

With Holy Week approaching, we will be blessed by all of these gifted and dedicated voices as we move through the many services leading up to our Easter celebration. When we add to this rich diversity the gift of music and worship leadership provided by our Organist and Choirmaster Kevin Johnson and our wonderful choirs and musicians, it almost becomes an embarrassment of riches! We are so blessed at St. Alfred’s. 

And this gift of many voices extends beyond the clergy and choirs. The efficiency with which this parish is administered is the result of many volunteer voices bringing years of experience to our Parish Office, Vestry, and Property Team. The many voices who organize fellowship, create and lead our adult learning programs, make worship happen, welcome people to St. Alfred’s, or bring their voices and passion to caring for those in need in the wider community is legion. The truth is that many, many voices make St. Alfred’s the vital and exciting place that it is, and I’m grateful for each and every one of them. Is your voice being heard at St. Alfred’s? If not, I’d love to set up a time to talk with you and find out how you’d like to lend your voice to building this wonderful faith community.

I look forward to seeing you in church and hearing how you’d like to add your voice to the rich symphony of voices at St. Alfred’s.



Fr. Peter

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